Thursday, January 20, 2011

Born to Run

4 miles / 36 min

So my calves are tight and sore. A smart person would take it easy. I never once said I was smart. I did not take a day off as I probably should have. No, I ran 4 miles. I did, sorta, take it easy. I guess? I didn't run the 6.5- 7 that I would have liked to...

Anyways, it felt great and I think helped the lactic acid move around and get out of my calves. So I 'm feeling better. Running does cure all.

I had a dream last night that I was running. I vivid remember semi waking up to Alan yelling at me as I was literally running in my sleep. I didn't fully wake up as I was enjoying my dream so much. It seemed so real. The air swishing past my face. My legs pumping over the steep terrain that I am running up. Dirt and small pebbles kicking up from behind me and grazing my ankles. I felt so free and so happy. I think that is how I know that I truly do love running. I used to dread my runs. I actually lo
ok forward to them. Which is maybe why I run through
the pain.

People that I work with think I am crazy. One lady in particular always has a comment for me and my runs. She even told me several times today as I hobbled past her cubicle to not run today. To take it easy. I smile and laugh and keep walking by. I am glad that I am not that person. The person who doesn't get the appeal. I love running and I love being a runner. I love how my body has shaped and molded over the past year to become stronger and able to handle the mileage increases.

I just finished reading the book Born to Run. If you haven't read it yet, HIGHLY recommend it. It will help you realize how much you truly love running. I always knew I liked it, and even loved it. However after reading the book I have realized how much I truly am in love with it and how I do look forward to my runs. It helps having a partner in crime on my runs that looks up at you like the two of you are doing the best thing that has ever been done and that he is so excited to be sharing it with you. Love me some SWP!

SWP from this past weekends snowshoe trip but you get the idea.

Look at how stupid excited he is to be playing in the snow! How could you not get excited to take this doofus out on a run?

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