Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm Back

I have been gone since last Saturday and during my vacation I tried to run. I really, really did. The road that the camp was on was about 1 mile round trip and it got boring running up and down, back and forth 10 times. I tried to go on the main road but the speed limit was 55mph and there was no shoulder. I ventured out once and it was scary. The drivers were crazy and the hills were even more insane. Alan and I found one bike path / atv trail that was 14 miles long point to point but it was so insanely buggy that we only went there once and left with 2495802984 bug bites. All in all I did the best I could. Well, that's a lie. The best I could would have been to suck up the bug bites or the boringness and to run on the road back and forth the miles that I needed. That didn't happen so I guess I didn't do my best. I did 7 miles Saturday before I left and total while I was gone I managed 15 miles. Ouch. That does not bode well for my 1/2 on Sunday. I took tomorrow off from work and I am hoping to do a long run. It will be only 5 days before my race but I think it will be fine if I do a little under 10. I hope! I need a good run to boost my confidence.

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  1. Hope you had a great vaca! I ran a bit of the route on Saturday, miles 9-15. Beautiful country! Let's just say nobody will be coming out of this one with a PR!