Thursday, July 7, 2011

Racing Weight

I started reading Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald while I was on vacation. I started it actually a few nights before we were to leave and I left my book in Maine. I know, ding dong move or what? Anyways, I decided to re-order the book and with Amazon primes amazing shipping I got it in 2 days free shipping! AWESOME.

Back to the book, I started reading it, and haven't gotten too far into it yet, but I did read that when you are in the peak of your season, for runners its spring to fall with races, you should be at your lowest weight. Because of training, eating healthy you slim down in your peak season adn then you tend to gain 8% of your total weight back. So if your peak weight is 130 you would gain 8% of 130 in order to get your off season weight. Ok, I get it. Not a hard concept to grasp. Since your working harder, and eating better you would lose weight. Well, then I started looking at my weight chart and food journal - yes, I am crazy and write down my food and my weight daily. However, I have stopped doing this on a regular basis and my last entry was in April. However, I have also gained 5 lbs. Granted, I just got back from vacation where I wasn't running, and was eating crazily. BUT, I am also in the peak of my "season" and should be losing, not gaining weight.

SO, as my blog, and my blogger friends are my witness, I am going to try to get back to my "racing weight" or what I think my racing weight should be. I have noticed since gaining some weight and eating not so healthy my average min/mi time has also gone up. I attributed this to the heat, however, it could definitely have been impacted by my weight gain. SO, I am going to try to lose the weight and slim down to my "fighting" weight. Hopefully this will be gained by increasing my training - incorporating speed work and hills once a week like I have been saying I am going to do! It will also be watching my diet - lower the sugar intake and the portion sizes! I hope to keep you all informed of my progress and who knows, maybe spark some interest and get some people to join in with me to find their "racing weight!"

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