Sunday, July 17, 2011

4 miles and heat

4 miles / 40ish mins.

Today I went a little later in the day than I usually like to go. However, I was able to sleep in and relax and take my time getting ready which was nice. I left the house a little before 10 and met up with my friend Jamie. We headed down to Red Rocks to do a little bit of trail running and to stay out from the sun. However, the shade also shielded us from the nice breeze. You can't win them all I guess.

We ended up doing 3 miles, mostly hills despite wanting to do an easy run and then walked the mile home. Sirius was dying and I didn't want to push him too much in the heat and sun. He was panting like crazy and getting a little foamy at the mouth which is why we did the mile home at a nice easy walking pace. 4 miles was more than I wanted to do but they felt good. I'll take them.

Tomorrow I am back to my routine. I am heading to the gym after work for a run on the treadmill and then an hour of body pump. I hope getting back into the swing of things will revive my workouts! They have been a little lack lustre lately which I do not enjoy!

Happy Sunday to everyone!

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