Monday, July 18, 2011

Ahh let the soreness begin

5 miles / 41 min
60 min body pump

mile 1 = 1.0 % incline 8.0 mph
mile 1 - 1.25 7.7 mph
mile 1.25 - 2 = 8.0 mph
mile 2 - 2.25 = 7.7
mile 2.25 - 3 = 8.0 mph

I did the first 3 miles in 21:40
mile 3 - 4 was in 30 min
mile 4 - 5 finished at 41 min.

After the first 3 miles I took a little walking break as a cool down. I realized I still felt strong and had some energy left and started back up. I stopped again after 4 miles and started to cool down. I, again, realized I felt strong and could do another mile which is why it was so back and forth and jumpy.

After the treadmill I headed over to body pump and did a strong 60 mins of heavy lifting. I know I am going to be sore tomorrow. I can already feel the soreness and it hasn't even been 2 hours since I left the class. That doesn't bode well for how I'm going to be feeling in the future.

Hope everyone had a strong workout today to start off the week off right!


  1. GMR- there's a valley paper called the Valley Reporter (in Waitsfield) and guess who is in the center, color section of the Mad Marathon review????? YOU and RUNFITMAMA! email me and I'll send you the physical copy of the whole paper.

  2. Prudence - I tried to respond but I am still not up to speed on Blogger so I don't know if you ever got it. My email address is I can't wait to see the paper!!!!