Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hot outside, Humid inside

 4.5 miles - 40 min
60 min body pump

There has been a massive heatwave on the east coast this week and we aren't supposed to see any relief until tomorrow. I decided that since I am trying to get back into the swing of things I would get up early, run on the treadmill and do pump. I also got a new pair of running shoes and wanted to try them out on the treadmill before going outside.

I got to the gym at 7 and started on the 'mill. I HATE my shoes so went back into the classroom to switch out to my old ones and started back up on the treadmill. I tried to bust out some speed and did 3 miles in 22:30. I then walked for a bit to cool down and then started jogging again and did another 1.5 miles. It was so hot in the cardio room that I was dripping with sweat. Great image huh! I cannot wait until the fall and it is cooler inside and outside! I do not do well with the heat. I could never live in Georgia where Gourmet Runner lives, or worse, Texas where Reese's lives! I do not know how people in the south handle this weather!

After my treadmill session I went to Dicks Sporting Goods and exchanged my shoes. I had bought the Brook's Cascadia Trail shoes:
                              Product Image
but the heel on them felt really big and like I was running with boxes on my feet. I think I also ordered the wrong size (6.5 instead of a 7) I guess Brooks run slightly small??? Anyways, I exchanged them for the Brooks Ghost 4:
They felt really comfortable when I was in the store and am going to try them out on the treadmill on Monday to see if they are a good fit for me. I usually buy New Balance shoes and typically choose a trail runner so this will be my first pair of running shoes for me in a LONG time!

Anyone usually wear Brooks? Thoughts? Feelings? Reviews?

What brand do you usually wear? Are you loyal to the brand or do you switch it up depending on the season or whatever?


  1. I'm wearing Brooks now, the Adrenaline 11's, and I love them! I'm not really loyal to a brand, but I think I'll stick with these since they are the first pair I have had in a while with no problems.

    I envy the cooler weather right now, although I guess Texas is definitely worse. Although come winter when everyone up North is complaining of the cold it should be nice and comfortable here. That's what I kept telling myself today on my long run in 85 degrees and 95% humidity!

  2. you ran in 85 degrees and 95% humidity? INSANE!!!! I love running in the cooler temps. My fave is low 30's. I am sure I will do my fair share of complaining in the winter but I am definitely a colder temp runner! I do not know how you guys do it down in the heat and humidity!