Saturday, July 16, 2011


This past week has be utter chaos at our household. Let me recap the week for you all.

Sunday - Mad Marathon
I got home around 11ish and Alan left at 1 for Boston for work

Monday - stayed home from work to relax and hang out

Tuesday worked and took SWP to daycare. Alan got home a little before midnight Tuesday night

Wednesday - Went to a friend's beer tasting. My friend Joe is an amazing homebrewer and has been brewing beer for close to a decade if not a full decade. The past few years he has been looking into opening up a brew pub to start turning his passion into a serious business. Currently he resides in Delaware but is looking at moving back up to VT in the very near future. So Wednesday a bunch of people headed to his families home and we were able to enjoy some of his beer along with amazing food made by his mom. Alan and I had a great time but it was a little chaotic because it was really the first time that Alan and I had seen each other.

Thursday - After work I went on a walk with my friend Jamie and then headed home, hopped in the shower and got ready because Alan and I were going to be going out to dinner with Joe and his girlfriend. After dinner they came over and hung out for a bit.

Friday - My birthday! I worked all day and then got home and hung out for a bit. I then loaded up a bag filled with bread, cheese and chutney and walked to Alan's office. We had a little pic-nik outside of his office and then walked down to the waterfront for the brewers festival. We then walked home afterwards.

Saturday - Hung out and relaxed. We were both tired from the night before and a crazy past week. We went over to my parents house for dinner and got to catch up with them for a bit too.

So as you can see, we have had something going on at least every single night of the week. It isn't going to stop anytime soon either. Tomorrow we are having some people over for some apps and just hang out. I am hoping though after tomorrow we will be able to really relax and unwind and we are planning to do absolutely nothing next weekend!

So that has been my busy and chaotic life lately which explains a lack of blogging and a lack of miles being posted. However, I do plan on getting in a good run in tomorrow so that will be nice!

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